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Elite Ensemble Performance Company

What is the Elite Ensemble Performance Company?

The Elite Ensemble provides students who wish to take their dance education and performance quality beyond the classroom with additional learning and performance opportunities. It is also designed to provide those students who have aspirations of pursuing dance education in college and professionally with the types of opportunities and challenges that will prepare them for auditions, employment, etc.

The Core Values of our company are Professionalism, Respect, Innovation, Dedication, and Effort.

Our Mission is  to challenge each student to apply the skills and technique learned in class, become a better performer with each appearance on stage, and to dance with confidence both individually and within a group of other dancers.

Elite Ensemble



  • A technically and somatically informed approach to skills and technique
    Students gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of their instrument for long-term health, growth, and success.
  • An educational focus on dance as a performing art
    Students learn a variety of genres/styles and about their history in addition to choreography, so that they may appreciate as well as further shape the future of the dance art and world.
  • A progressive stacking of material
    Students are exposed to material that is appropriate for their ages and skill levels to ensure a strong foundation, and then challenged with increasing levels of difficulty.
  • Individualized Instruction
    Each student is unique. We aim to celebrate your child’s diversity, speak to their learning style, while encouraging and empowering them to be the best dancer and individual they can be.


Reasons why this program might not be a good fit for you:

  • You’re involved in extracurricular activities that could interfere with your class, rehearsal, or performance commitments.
  • You’re doing it because you want to keep up with your friends, but you are not passionate about dance or the commitment.
  • You’re doing it because your parent(s) want you to.
  • You’re primarily focused on winning awards.
  • You’re not fully committed to attending all classes and rehearsals.
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