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How to register for classes

Need To Discuss Options?

TDC offers many different styles of dance to children of all ages and experience levels.   To discuss options with our staff, Contact Us by email or phone.  We are happy to exchange emails or schedule an appointment to speak directly about class options that best meet your child’s needs.  We return emails and phone calls Monday through Friday, typically during the daytime.  Most staff members teach evening classes, so evening appointments to discuss class options must be set up in advance.

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Want To Try a Class First?

We know that dance class may be just one of many extracurricular options for your child, and we know that finding the right environment for your child can take time and experimentation.  We allow students to try any class of an appropriate age level one time at no charge.  To sign up for a trial class, there are two options:  Either contact us directly to make arrangements for your child to try a class, schedule in our online trial system, or you may create an account in our parent portal, add your child as a student, then register him/her for a trial class.

Ready to Register Now?

Create an account in our TDC Parent Portal with your preferred email address.  You will be asked to provide basic information about you and your child.  The system will show you a list of class options appropriate to your child’s age.  (If you have already spoken to someone, a suggested class may already be set up for you to more easily select.)  A registration fee will be charged as well as the first month’s tuition.  Online payment options are available, or you may pay in person at the studio.

TDC Parent Portal

Once you are a member of The Dance Company family and have created your account in the TDC Parent Portal, keep that link and your username and password handy for future reference!  This portal is your one-stop shop for managing your TDC account, registering and paying for classes, and accessing information posted by the director and your child’s teachers, including music files, costume photos, progress reports and attendance.

Get Involved

At The Dance Company, we have a deep love for the performing art of dance and are passionate about teaching children to develop a love for dance as well.  We understand that you and your child both may be new to the “dance world” and that you may not “speak dance.”  We are here to guide you through and answer your questions as you become a part of our dance family.  We guarantee that by the time the curtain closes on your child’s first recital you will be fluent in DANCE!

We encourage our parents to be involved in studio activities as much as possible.  We are always seeking volunteers with particular interests and skills.  We also invite parents to learn and perform a very simple and notoriously hilarious Parent Dance in the spring recital!  (Dance experience is not required … nor is it preferred!)

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