Jazz Dance @ TDC

TDC’s beginning and intermediate level jazz classes are offered in combination with tap, to allow young students exposure to both styles, in one class time, with one low class fee.  Students learn basic dance posture, placement and technique,  as well jazz terminology, footwork and isolations.  More advanced level classes will focus on higher difficulty turns and leaps as well as provide exposure to specific jazz styles and further exploration of the characteristics, specific styles and history of Jazz dance.

History of Jazz

Jazz dance began to take form in the 1940s, however, up until the 1950s “jazz dance” was sometimes still associated with tap dancing because tap was known for being set to classical jazz music.   Jazz dance developed out of the social and vernacular dances of a young America, also similar to tap dance.  The style of jazz dance really began to take shape when it started appearing in Broadway shows, movies, and television.  Jazz dance is usually upbeat and dynamic, but it can be soulful and smooth.  Today, jazz is popular among dancers because there are no limits to how creative one can be with it.  By altering classic jazz steps, one can accommodate his or her own personality and style.

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